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Practical tips

Changing your address

When you move, you need to notify various governmental bodies and organizations about your address change. It’s easy to forget this step but doing so can unfortunately have grave consequences. Consult our checklist specifically designed to help you in this task. (Link to checklist)

Parking the truck during the move

Plan to have a safe and strategic spot where the truck can park. You can reserve your spot the eve of your move with your own vehicle. This will make sure the spot is available during your move.

Furniture during the move

Don’t forget to empty the drawers in every piece of furniture. That will make them lighter and make it easier for your movers. Avoid using tape on your furniture because the movers will cover them with protective sheets.

Boxes and covers for moving

Carefully pack your items in boxes and wrap each item with packing paper. Make sure to distribute the weight in the boxes evenly. For instance, pack half of the box with heavy dinnerware then top it off with lighter plastic items. Identify the fragile boxes so the movers are aware of what should be carefully handled. Put your boxes in the same area to maximize your space.

Your presence is important during the move

You should be present at both locations during the move. That way, you’ll be able to direct the movers and your furniture and items will be placed how you want them so you won’t have to move them around again later.

Your children and the move

Ideally, you should get a trusted babysitter to take care of your children during the move to avoid any accidents. If that is impossible, explain to them the dangers they could be exposed to make them aware of the situation. This article has plenty of practical tips to help you prepare your children to the change that results from a move.

Your pets and the move

Please plan a secure area where you can keep your pets during the move. Why not have them stay at a kennel? That will avoid stressful situations for your pet. Animals can be destabilized during a move when there’s a lot of movement around them. Moreover, the doors to your home will remain open for long periods of time so they might escape outside.

Elevators during a move

If your home is located in a building with an elevator, find out the steps to follow during a move. Generally, a building’s administration will install protective covers in an elevator. However, most locations require you to reserve the elevator (24 to 48 hours in advance). This will make the move easier and will save a lot of time.

Transporting hazardous material during the move

We cannot transport hazardous material such as gas or propane in our moving trucks. Moving these items requires special attention on your part. Make sure the products in question are securely fastened in your own vehicle.

Moving during the winter

During a snowstorm, make sure the area where the truck will park is properly cleared before the movers arrive. Additionally, make sure to clear the snow and ice from the entrance and outside steps in order to provide a safe work environment for the movers.